Real Estate Panama City FL, Finding the Right Home in the Panama City Area

Are you interested in real estate, Panama City, FL? Like many areas of Florida, this area has had some difficulties in the past few years. However, the current real estate market makes it a great time to buy a home or condominium in this area. Whether you want a permanent residence or a vacation home, […]

The Community Renovation Agencies – Bringing Life Back to Historic Areas

Like many older areas, Panama City has seen historic areas of the town gradually deteriorate to non-desirable areas. This blight has a negative effect on residents and the city as well. In order to bring new life back into these areas, Panama City created the community renovation agencies to help four different areas come back […]

Millville, Panama City, FL, Local History with Great Significance

Millville, Panama City, FL – Local History with Great Significance If you want to experience an older side of northwestern Florida, Millville, Panama City, FL is something to see. This community began as a frontier community in the latter years of the 19th century. The timber in this area created the need for a lumberyard. […]

Panama City FL Performing Arts, Dance to Theater to Visual Art, Everything Shines

In Panama City FL performing arts is something available year round. Although there are venues available throughout the city, one of the biggest ones is the Marina Civic Center. This center is home to a 2500 seat theater that is perfect for theater, plays, and other performing arts. It attracts local ensemble plays as well […]

Panama City Florida Vacations, a Systematic Guide to Planning Your Vacation

Panama City Florida Vacations – a Systematic Guide to Planning Your Vacation So, you are thinking about Panama City Florida vacations. This area of the Sunshine State is a jewel. It provides all the access you need to the ocean and casual living that is so attractive about this part of the state. Before you […]

Fishing Panama City FL What Can You Expect when Fishing in Panama City

What can you expect when charter fishing, Panama City, FL? If you are looking for a way to pass the day on the water, you will want to take a day or two to experience fishing along the Northwest Florida coast. These charter boats have captains who have years of experience fishing in these waters. […]

Dining Downtown Panama City, FL Seafood, Barbecue and Much More

Dining Downtown Panama City,FL– Seafood, Barbecue and Much More One of the names that many people know Panama City by is the “Seafood Capital of the World.” Whether that claim is, complete true is up for debate. However, when looking at option in dining, downtown Panama City, FL has a great deal of seafood places from which […]

Historic St Andrews, Panama City FL Common Questions about Historical St. Andrews

Historic St Andrews, Panama City FL – Common Questions about Historical St. Andrews What is St. Andrews? In the early days before Panama City became such a popular tourist attraction, the area was home to early settlers as well as Native Americans. Some of the early settlers found that there was great fishing along this […]

The Panama City Florida Mayor’s Blog Coming Soon

The Mayors Blog Coming Soon