Panama City Florida Downtown Living, Working, and Playing in the Same Place

Like many other downtown areas, Panama City Florida downtown has seen its good times and its bad times. However, right now, the good times are up and running smoothly. The city realizes that the heart of downtown is an area that locals and tourists alike can enjoy throughout the year. It is becoming a popular area for living, working and playing. With all the options needed for modern living within a reasonable walking distance, this area of the city is becoming a popular destination and permanent place to set down roots.

Many of the buildings in Panama City Florida Downtown are historic in nature. Along the Bay, older homes provide stately options. For those that want a modern option, loft living is available throughout the downtown core. In response to this rehabilitation of older structures, many builders are adding new buildings to the downtown area for residents and businesses alike. All of this puts the residents within walking distance of shopping, eating, and entertainment. The eclectic mixture of residential and business in this area is keeping the downtown core vital and thriving.

Panama City Florida Downtown is home to dozens of businesses that employ almost 2000 people in the walking area of downtown. While that might not sound like a lot, it is a significant engine driving the revitalization of this area of town. Entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on the growing tourist and business growth. There are plenty of shops and restaurants within walking distance of the arts district and the bay. This area continues to show signs of drawing in new businesses as well as residents. The area is also home to many government entities. One of the best options for transportation downtown is the Bay Town Trolley.

Living and working are just two things to do in Panama City Florida Downtown. Entertainment is a serious undertaking in this area. The local residents and businesses welcome tourists and others to many events throughout the year. A good example of this is the annual celebration on July the Fourth. With fireworks and other events, the city celebrates the birth of the nation. Throughout the warmer months of the year, Art-Tique provides a welcoming atmosphere for tourists to local art galleries, antique stores, and other shops. These are just a couple of local events that attract people into the downtown core. Within walking distance of the bay, it is a great day trip option.

Panama City Florida Downtown is home to one of the first five Main Street districts named in the state of Florida. This designation recognizes the unique atmosphere of the downtown area of this city. So many towns built around a central city core. Recognizing this fact makes it easier to revitalize and rehabilitate the downtown area. It encourages building restoration and entrepreneurial spirit.

Bill Norton